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XR2400F Hardware Update

November 17, 2000

Hardware Update Beginning November 15, 2000, all XR2400F Fire Alarm Control panels are being manufactured and shipped with a factory installed 100VA transformer.

Operational Features Previously shipped with a 40VA, the new 100VA transformer provides greater capacity to charge standby batteries connected to the XR2400F panel. Using the 100VA transformer, four 7.7 Ah standby batteries may be connected to the panel. This provides a recharge capacity of 30.8 Amp/hours.

As shipped from the factory, 16.2 Amp/hours is required to operate the XR2400F and its accessories for 60 hours. With four batteries attached, 14.6 Amp/hours is left over and available to provide 60 hours of standby for an additional 225mA load such as (25) 521LX smoke detectors or two additional keypads.

To increase the available current to operate additional keypads and smoke detectors, the DMP Model 505-12 Power Supply may be added to the system. The 505-12 provides 5 Amps of continuous current and can recharge 38.5 Amp/hours of standby batteries.

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