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Two-Way Supervised Wireless

900 MHz Spread-Spectrum Technology

DMP wireless communication employs 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum to ensure clear and accurate signal transmissions without interference in practically any environment.

Two-Way Communication

DMP wireless receivers supervise for transmitters that go missing. With Two-Way communication, each wireless transmitter communicates with the receiver using supervision messages. Each transmitter can be programmed for no supervision or a 3-, 60-, or 240-minute window, providing flexibility and allowing increased security for those applications that require shorter supervision times.

When the receiver does not receive any supervision messages from the transmitter for the programmed window of time, the receiver reports the zone or output as missing to the panel for display and reporting to the monitoring center. The onboard LED on all 1100 Series transmitters provides built-in survey capability to allow for single-person installations, eliminating the requirement for an external survey kit.

128-Bit Encryption

DMP’s 1100 Series wireless E models are for customers who want to add the hardest layer of security. In addition to 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum supervised communication, these models also offer full support for industry-standard 128-bit AES encryption over the air. For added security, DMP 1100 Series encrypted devices also allow you to enter your own passphrase for unique key generation, providing full encryption end to end.

DMP's encryption models are offered separately from existing 1100 Series devices. For the highest level of encryption, it is recommended that all devices on the system be E models, although each of the new products are fully backward compatible with systems that do not support encryption, so they can be added to existing systems or operate as a stand-alone system. 

Extended Battery Life

Programming each wireless device with a specific communication test interval eliminates wasteful, repetitive signaling. By eliminating multiple rounds of repetitive signals, DMP's Two-Way communication extends battery life.

Simple Programming

No special equipment is needed to program the system! Assign wireless transmitters to zones or outputs during panel programming with Remote Link™ or from the keypad.

  • DMP smart devices ensure message acknowledgment
  • Two-Way supervised wireless from DMP delivers unparalleled flexibility and simplicity without sacrificing power
  • 128-bit AES encryption over the air
  • Built-in device testing
  • Simple programming
  • Superior range
  • Seamless integration with DMP panels and other hardwired devices

Whether the installation is new construction, an upgrade, or retrofit, Two-Way Wireless from DMP gets the job done faster with less effort.

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