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DMP’s Stand-Alone Access Control Solution

For access-only applications, DMP offers the competitive advantage you need with the new cloud-based X1 Series. 

Real Access. Really Easy.

Cloud-based access control using cellular, network or Wi-Fi. Installs in minutes. Total flexibility for single or multi-site management. Up to 1,000 doors per site, full edge system redundancy, full control and reporting from a single app or browser, video integration and much more.

What’s Unique About the X1?

This stand-alone system offers network and cellular-based connectivity so your customers’ access control functions are never vulnerable to normal network outages. And, unlike other access offering, the X1’s optional cellular module can be used as the primary or backup for an entire system to ensure constant communication with the cloud.

But that’s not all. DMP’s new X1 Series also provides:

  • Easy scaling from single- to multi-site applications: To add more doors locally without adding multiple X1s, the X1-8 is a cost-effective solution. You can manage up to 1,000 doors on a system in the cloud. Keep in mind, even if you have multiple buildings that you manage from one location, all of your controllers are tied to one cloud-based administrative portal, and your customers can conveniently manage their systems with a single app or browser. This means you can create rules and add users to groups for access permissions that work across an entire system. It also means that you and your customer can manage all the doors, users, credentials and schedules very easily.
  • Add-on module for PoE: A small and inexpensive item for technicians to carry in their trucks and have ready depending on what they encounter in the field. This allows them to easily deploy powered devices in locations without electrical circuitry.
  • Support for OSDP and Wiegand reader protocol: A few other access control products have the OSDP option, but only DMP offers OSDP for any and all readers when your customer needs enhanced security. 

All This and More

Programming the X1 entails only a few simple steps, all through DMP’s cloud-based administrative portal making installations quick and easy. And for your customers’ convenience, Virtual Keypad™ streamlines their ability to remotely monitor and manage their DMP systems based on their security profile. Even if your customers have a DMP intrusion system for home security and an X1 Series for their businesses, they can manage their access control and intrusion and even video systems, all with the powerful and intuitive Virtual Keypad app or desktop solution. 

What Does All This Mean for You?

The X1 offers a solution to help you expand your business in the stand-alone access control market now and into the future. If you’d like to learn more about the X1 Series directly from a member of DMP’s dedicated X1 sales team, please call 877-757-4367 or click the link below to schedule a demo.

For more information, view the below documents:

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