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Introducing the XTLtouch™, Your Enhanced All-In-One SolutionXTLtouch Views

The XTLtouch represents the natural extension of DMP’s proven XT and XTLplus™ security technology. But unlike any other DMP security system, the XTLtouch is an enhanced all-in-one, designed into an elegant, intuitive 5-inch graphic touchscreen keypad. And, unlike any other all-in-one system, the XTLtouch incorporates multiple enhancements:

  Up to Seven Additional Wireless Keypads
  Up to Eight Wireless 110 dB Sirens
•  Entry Check-In Protection
•  Easy Table-Top, Wall-Mount, or In-Wall Installation
•  Compatible with Virtual Keypad App and

Install the Panel Wherever It Works Best

If the best cell reception or wireless coverage is on the second floor, that’s not a problem. Install the panel wherever it works and place the wireless sirens and keypads exactly where the customer wants them.

Entry Check-In Protection

The XTLtouch’s built-in Entry Check-In Protection is a proactive safeguard against a burglar’s fast tactic to disable the security system before it can send a signal. Entry Check-In Protection is based on the same reliable check-in technology that DMP has used for years for its high-security customers and is included at no additional cost.

An Intuitive Keypad That’s Easy to Use

All XTLtouch graphic touchscreen keypads offer the same intuitive functionality and user experience. Whether you are using the main built-in screen or the optional wireless keypads they operate identically. With only one keypad format to learn, users don’t get confused about the way their system functions operate.

It’s a Win-Win for Security Companies and Consumers 

In a single small footprint, the XTLtouch comes standard with:

•  99 zones of 900 MHz Two-Way Wireless
LTE, AND Wi-Fi communication
Remote control via DMP’s Virtual Keypad app or
Built-in Z-Wave support for up to 140 Z-Wave Plus devices
Custom Actions – up to 20 different user programmable scripts can be programmed into the XTLtouch
Video integration with multiple options via the Virtual Keypad app or browser and much much more.

XTLtouch Infographic

For more information, view the below documents:

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