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One Panel Offers Everthing

The XT Series™ burglary/fire/door access panel. It includes all communication options, network, cellular, and dialer, with DMP's Two-Day Wireless receiver. All options are on one board, so you need no additional enclosures, cabling, or connections. This powerful panel incorporates the technology you'd expect in a larger panel, with all of the quality and innovation you expect from DMP. Panel features provide added security and convenience with the opportunity for recurring revenue.

More Flexible than Ever*

The XT Series is available in two models. The XT30 offers 42 zones; 10 onboard and 32 via the eight keypad addresses. The XT50 offers a maximum of 58 zones; 10 onboard and up to 32 wired or 48 wireless. Each XT panel can manage up to six areas, and supports up to eight keypad addresses.

Mobile Platforms

DMP mobile platforms provide you with the tools you need to build strong connections with your customers.

  • The DMP app puts a keypad on the user’s Apple iPhone®, iPad™, or Android devices.

Users can control their security systems as well as video and Z-wave devices with their mobile phone.

On-Board Network

The network capability lets you monitor alarm signals over the Internet, offering a significant advantage for monitoring centers and alarm customers in terms of cost, speed, quality of service, and security.

Features for Retail

The panel provides Late to Open/Early to Close and Traffic Count reports, offering useful information to help you better manage your business.

Receiver 1 & 2 Operation lets you direct theft alarms/alerts to a specific guard position, and fire or other alerts to external emergency responders.

Options Now or Later

Customize the panel to include only the options needed today and add options later with plug-in boards. The digital cellular communicator plugs in with no additional enclosure or power supply needed. Add any 1100 Series wireless receiver (1100D, 1100DI, or 1100DH) on the keypad bus.

DMP Wireless Devices For a Fast, Complete Installation

Using DMP wireless keypads, sensors, and sirens lets you do the installation faster because there are no wires to run. Built-in features like Walk Test Mode and the Survey LED make it simple for a single technician to do the whole job. Customers appreciate that there’s less damage to their premises because there are no holes to drill.

Place the devices where they provide the best protection, not simply where they are easy to reach with wires. Once installed, low-current-draw DMP devices operate longer between battery changes. DMP 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum ensures clear and accurate signal transmissions without interference, in practically any environment.

Wireless Keypad

Residential and Retail "Getting Connected" Brochures

Present your prospects with companion documents to the existing "Residential" and "Retail" brochures. The “Getting Connected” brochures describe the specific benefits of the XT panel to these markets. Imprint your logo and address on the back of the brochure to customize the brochure to your company.

Retail "Making Connections" Brochure

XT Series Support Documentation