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When you need to upgrade Honeywell VISTA® or DSC PowerSeries panels...

Each one of DMP’s DualCom or CellCom communicators provides ECP communication with Honeywell VISTA panels. You also have compatibility with DSC PowerSeries panels, simply by connecting any one of DMP’s Com Series to the DSC bus.

What does this mean for you?

This expands your opportunities for easy takeovers and the ability to upgrade 3G panels for less using our communicators. Those customers can also enjoy all the features available through the Virtual Keypad app. They can remotely manage their user codes, for instance, plus they’ll have arming, disarming and Z-Wave capabilities, as well as the ability to bypass zones and view their zone status, all from Virtual Keypad.

When selecting the communicator that fits your installation needs, please keep in mind that all models support DMP's integrations with Honeywell and DSC panels. Furthermore, because DMP believes the most efficient method of communication is directly from the panel to the central station and not through a NOC first, we can offer free network communication.

DMP's DualCom Series with cellular backup adds efficiency, reliability

The DualCom Series includes both fire and non-fire options. See the links below for details.

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