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A New View of Security

Take total control of your security system with DMP Entré Access Control and Security Management software, giving users fast, simple point-and-click control over every aspect of their security system.

Entré features an intuitive graphical user interface for system monitoring and control. All security management activities are combined with a single, high-functioning platform. As a network system, it lets you see and manage facilities wherever they are located from anywhere the operator has an internet connection.

Entré is well-suited to banks, retailers, and other organizations that monitor multiple locations and/or systems. Depending on your type of facility or organization, DMP offers a version of Entré that's tailored to fit your needs. To review some of the recent software updates for Entré and what features they included, click here.

To view the different types of Entrê classes, see the Training Syllabus here.

License Entré

Entré License Form

Entré Documentation:

Entré Spec Sheet: LT-0828
Entré Compatibility Chart: LT-2233


Entré Dealer Agreement: LT-1830 
Entré Software License Agreement: LT-1832

Recommendations, Reference, and Configuration:

Entré Server Architecture Recommendations: LT-1639  
 Data Flow Reference Guide: LT-1707 

Entré Apache Tomcat Configuration: LT-1641


Entré Pre-Installation Checklist: LT-1660
Entré Pre-Upgrade Checklist: LT-1782
Entré Enterprise Expansion Checklist: LT-1833 (for use when scaling Entre' Enterprise over 100 Panels)


Entré Installation and Setup Guide: LT-1753
Entré Server Maintenance: LT-1658

User Help:

Entré User Guide: LT-1868
Entré User Videos

How to Manage Panels:

Entré How-To Guide Adding a Panel: LT-1634 
Entré How-To Guide Swapping Panels: LT-1635
Entré How-To Guide Removing a Panel: LT-1632 
Entré How-To Guide Managing Credentials: LT-1633
Entré How-To Guide Single Sign On: LT-2009
Entré Reference Guide: Single Sign-On and Active Directory: LT-2002
Entré How-To Guide Set Up Automatic Badge Disabler: LT-2331

Entré NOC Documentation


DMP offers the Entré product exclusively to dealers with certified technicians. Technicians obtain Entré certification by attending a four-day training, hosted either regionally or at DMP headquarters.

Since Entré is centered on managing DMP XR Series panels, the ideal technician will need to have a measurable working knowledge of DMP panels. Also, since Entré is an enterprise-level, networked management platform that utilizes an SQL database, the technician must also be competent in networking and software installation and configuration in a server environment. This is measured and determined through a pre-requisite exam taken online by the technician requesting certification.

To help dealers get the most out of their time investment, DMP has developed a comprehensive training program that will help our dealers learn to sell, install, configure and support the software in the field. The training process and all of its requirements are discussed on the Entré training website, located here. Please review this page prior to registration for training or Entré equipment purchase.

If you have any questions about Entré, please contact DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282 ext. 205 or our Technical Service Department at 888-4-DMP-tech (888-436-7832).