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DMP Sales Management Academy


Being a sales manager isn’t easy — to lead a sales team to success, you need the right tools. DMP’s Sales Management Academy provides those tools so you can be the most effective leader while navigating the entire recruiting and overseeing process. In this collaborative training, you'll learn how to onboard and train more effectively, how to assess your salespeople to promote their growth and development, and how to manage your time appropriately. You will leave having learned how to develop and implement new management techniques into your own daily routine.

Here's a preview of the training topics we'll cover:
Planning, Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring, Training, Territory Management, Lead Tracking and Forecasting, Field Observation, Monthly Assessments and Time Management.

    The course cost is $1295 per student and includes:

- 3 and 1/2 days of instruction, discussion and role-play

- 4-night hotel stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton

Daily transportation to/from DoubleTree to DMP

- Airport shuttle service to/from hotel

- Sales Management Academy challenge coin

- Online certificate

- Workbook

- Personalized computer case and watch

- Lunches and breaks

-Participation incentives

    This training event is targeted to members of DMP dealer sales management who:

-sell in the residential and/or small commercial space

- want to improve their onboarding process and leadership skills

- want to learn management skills for a position they are working toward in the future

See what recent Sales Management Academy attendees are saying about it:

"It's not only a professional tool in enhancing your business model, it's a personal growth model in making yourself a more informed individual."

"Jack was terrific! The energy is worth it by itself. You can tell he has experience and passion. He really allows you to stay involved and in tune through the entire day."

"It's a must! I've never been exposed to this level of sales training, it's a mind blowing event!"

"This class taught me the answers to most of my questions about how to run a successful business."

"This course allowed me to understand the reasons I had success in my role and it was also humbling to realize how much more was out there to be had. Very positive experience."

"There are many sales training courses, many of them very good, but this was the first that aggregated and addressed the very different skills and tasks needed to be an effective sales manager. I think that training leadership is evene more ROI than training every single sales rep. I highly recommend this class for key players!"

"For anyone looking to enhance their sales team's success, DMP Sales Management Academy is an excellent way to hone a leader's skills using a top-down approach."

"This is a remarkably organized sales management course. The specific, real-world information was outstanding. We learned so much that we can take back to our company."

Registration is limited! To register for an upcoming Sales Management Academy event, please click here.