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Automatic Panel Programming Faster Than Ever

Tech APP will save your business time and money. Take advantage of it today — it's free and immediately available for download — Apple® or Android™.

Tech APP lets you program and test systems onsite. Log in using your standard Dealer Admin credentials, and your customer information will be there for you.

Search for a customer. Add a new system. Scan barcodes on panels and other devices to quickly add them to the system. Add sensors, devices, and user codes. Run system tests and more — panel programming has never been faster or easier.

  • Compatibility: XTL+, XT30, and XT50 panels.
  • Highlighted feature: Defaults

Set XTLplus panel programming even faster. Using defaults, you can connect an XTLplus panel to the Internet with Wi-Fi or a cell modem, and use the Tech APP Program Defaults to take care of everything else. Save time in programming the same settings on every system and reduce the chance of operator error. Set defaults for Communication, Remote Options, System Options, and System Reports.

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