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Access Control and Intrusion Detection Has Never Been Easier

For customers who don't want to spend the money to have a dedicated server for their access control systems, DMP's Virtual Keypad Access™ gives them the flexibility to manage system users, schedules, holiday dates, profiles, plus control public doors, and view and record video — all with the same app they rely on to manage their intrusion systems.

With Virtual Keypad Access, your customers can remotely manage their own systems, or you, as their dealer, can manage it for them. Either way, you can add fully featured access control with an intuitive Cloud-based user interface to your intrusion installs for a fraction of the cost of traditional access control.

From the Virtual Keypad browser screen comes an advanced access control and intrusion interface that blends the best of both worlds into a single easy-to-use system that’s also easy to deploy. In fact, because users interact with the service via a browser interface or smartphone app, Virtual Keypad Access eliminates the need to use a computer onto which client software must be loaded. Both you and your customer benefit from not having to worry about maintenance costs, downtime, or applying software updates.

Multi-Site Management - allows you to share records with multiple panels or locations easily by choosing the desired system from a dropdown list.

Managed Credentials  - choose either User Code or Access Card or another credential in one record for quicker data entry and easier management. 

Manage Holiday Dates - whenever you need to and wherever you are, you can easily adjust opening and closing times by hours or days to reflect holidays. 

Lockdown - simply select the Lockdown button, and all door devices programmed as a public door and Z-Wave® Locks will lock or unlock on the XR150/XR550 system.

SecureCom Video Integration - supporting up to eight IP HD video cameras, Virtual Keypad Access allows you to view live video and trigger recording of clips in the Cloud from motion or events. Or install a local NVR for 2 Tb of continuous video all viewable from the browser or mobile app. the embedded video verification also helps eliminate false alarms and false alarm fines and allow system users to make decisions about when and why police are dispatched.

From managing access of people to preventing unauthorized intrusions and preserving video evidence, Virtual Keypad Access is the perfect balance of power, convenience, and affordability in a single simple affordable solution.


Dealers can check out the Virtual Keypad Access spec sheet or the Virtual Keypad Access brochure.