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The DMP 738Zplus module gives users control of a variety of devices in their homes or small businesses using the Virtual Keypad™ app on their smartphones or tablets. Not only can they control their security system’s standard alarm functions — but at the touch of a button, they can also control any of their connected Z-Wave devices. 

In addition to lights and locks, the 738Zplus module supports thermostats with an expanded range from 1 to 99 degrees. Most thermostats on the market today can’t measure below 35 degrees. Having this increased range ensures accuracy and adds flexibility — a great feature for customers with vacation homes in cold-weather climates.

For customers with vacation homes, the 738Zplus module also allows them to easily control and shut off their water valves remotely by having a Favorite they control from their iPhone. And, if they've installed a water sensor, it can trigger a custom action to shut off the water valve.

For greater convenience and security, DMP’s 738Zplus even supports motorized blind controllers. From their Virtual Keypad app, users can add a Favorite to automatically roll up or close their blinds, or put them on a schedule to follow sunrise and sunset. While adding convenience, this also adds security, giving the appearance that you’re there, even when you’re not.


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Virtual Keypad™ App

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